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30 Day January Bikini Challenge - 1/10/22


Ready to make major changes to your body in 2022? Give Camille 30 days and she will jumpstart your journey and bring you results you can see. It's intense, rewarding and filled with a community that will be cheering you on every day. Say no to your excuses and sign up TODAY for the 30 Day January Bikini Challenge kicking off on 1/10/22!

Challenge Includes:

- Exercises that have been custom designed for each day of the challenge to tone you up and trim you down

- Personalized weekly macronutrients prescription designed to hit your wellness goals

- Points will be given for workouts and meals. Track your points with us and we will keep you accountable. Camille is watching!

- Access into our January Challenge Community. Buddy up with friends for motivation or track your position on the leader-board to satisfy your competitive side

Once signed up, Feroce Fitness will email you details for the challenge. 

*Once enrolled in the Challenge, you will be automatically enrolled into Feroce Fitness for $28 p/month (starting after the challenge ends) unless you email to cancel. You can cancel at anytime to not be enrolled or charged before the billing cycle begins.

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