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30 Day Fit & Trim Challenge Sept


Ready to get FIT & TRIM for the Fall?  Join Camille LeBlanc Bazinet as she guides you through Feroce's 30 DAY FIT & TRIM CHALLENGE!  Tone up, trim down and learn the secrets behind eating well to support your body in this transformative challenge.  

Challenge Includes:

- Workouts that have been custom designed for each day of the challenge to tone you up and trim you down

- Personalized weekly macronutrients prescription designed to hit your wellness goals

- Points will be given for workouts and meals. Track your points with us and we will keep you accountable!

- Access into our private Facebook Challenge page.  Buddy up with friends for motivation, ask our coaches questions as it relates to your training/nutrition and review your macro prescription!

Once signed up, Feroce Fitness will email you details for the challenge.

*Clients will automatically be enrolled into Feroce Fitness Monthly Subscription at $28 p/month unless they cancel. Clients can cancel anytime by emailing 

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