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Feroce Fitness Membership


Feroce Fitness gives you the perfect balance between functionality and body aesthetic. The program pairs together functional fitness and bodybuilding to have you feeling and looking great! The daily workouts are specially designed by Camille and tailored to significantly increase your fitness, strength and body composition. Each daily exercise ranges from 45 minutes to an hour and targets the full body through fast paced - high intensity and calorie burning workouts. Camille combines a wide variety of functional movements in a timed workout to increase your stamina and change your body.  


Included in Program:

-       Daily workout with targeted stimulus for at home or in the gym

-       Daily bodybuilding with targeted area for at home or in the gym

-       Daily optional Cardio

-       Access to our Fitness community platform where the Feroce Team and Community can help answer questions, give tips and encourage you on this journey

By Enrolling in the Membership, you will receive all 30 Day Fitness Challenges for Free ($42 value) and you will receive a discounted rate of $25 p/month* Check out our website to see our Challenge Schedule!

*3 month minimum commitment must be met. If you choose to cancel, you can cancel after 3 months. 

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